Nursing scholarship program for BSN’s of Beaufort County



Q. What is the NEED this fund is addressing?

A. There is a severe nursing shortage in this country which will continue to get worse. South Carolina is one of the worst states in terms of the current and projected shortage. The nursing shortage has a negative impact on economic development by increasing the cost of healthcare. There is an immediate and growing need to attract and retain Nurses in Beaufort County.


Q. What is the name of the fund?

A. South Carolina Nurse Retention Scholarship (SCNRS)


Q. What is the Mission of the fund.?

A.The mission of the South Carolina Nurse Retention Scholarship is to provide scholarship programs that retain qualified nursing students and professionals providing quality health care for citizens in Beaufort County in an effort to reduce the shortage of nursing professionals.

The SCNRS will provide scholarships for recent BSN graduates while they are employed in primary Health care in Beaufort County
The goal is to provide support to retain 10 BSN nurses on a continuous basis and to
create an Endowment fund.


Q. What is meant by “recent BSN graduates in regards to eligibility?

A. A recent graduate is someone who has graduated in the previous 6 month period at the time of the application period opens in May 2022 and students who plan to graduate in the current year.


Q. How will the fund operate?

A. The SCNRS will be led by an independent volunteer committee responsible for raising funds, interviewing and selecting recipients and the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry, which will provide the platform to be used, expertise, and admin services including fund management, tax management, and distribution of the funds.

Distributions from the Fund shall be made by the Community Foundation for purposes of awarding scholarships to applicants who in the judgment of the Advisory Committee, would derive the greatest benefit.

It is considered a not for profit 501(c) 3 under the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry

Disbursements will be made on a semi-annual basis directly to the individual upon receiving proof of employment in Beaufort County.


Q. Why should I donate to this fund?

Potential donors who may wish to contribute to the SCNRS because they value the benefits of having quality healthcare available in Beaufort County, and/or they wish to establish a legacy for this support. Potential donors include private citizens, health care professionals, local businesses, major corporations with operations and employees in the area, healthcare facilities, philanthropists, foundations, financial advisors, and other institutions whose members may be interested in charitable opportunities.


Q. There are many Scholarships available to nursing students. What makes this program unique?

A. Although there are many nursing scholarship programs offered at the federal/state/university level, there are no programs in the SC or Beaufort County offering a “Post-graduation scholarship” in return for a work commitment.


Q. How can I donate to this fund?

A. Visit the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry Donor page.


Q. Are there different donor Levels and associated benefits?

A. You may donate any amount and your contribution will be aggregated with other donations until we reach the amount required to award a Scholarship. When we reach $24,000 we will select another recipient and you will be notified.

$24,000 is the amount our program must have in order to award one, 4-year Scholarship.

You may donate $24,000 as a one-time payment or in the form of a pledge which would be satisfied over a period , not to exceed four years.

You will be notified when a recipient has been named. You may also elect to have this scholarship in your name.



Q. Can I make a multi-year pledge?

A. Yes, A pledge for any amount is acceptable and can be paid on a recurring basis, not to exceed four years.


Q. Is my contribution tax-deductible?

A.Yes, It is considered a charitable donation. The Community Foundation of the Lowcountry is a 501(c)3