South Carolina Nurse Retention Initiative

Keeping Nurses in Beaufort and Jasper Counties

South Carolina Nurse Retention Initiative

Keeping Nurses in Beaufort and Jasper Counties

South Carolina Nurse Retention Initiative

Keeping Nurses in Beaufort and Jasper Counties

2021 and 2022 SCNRI Recipients

A few stats:
  • 100% are female

  • 50% are Moms, and 1/2 of those are single Moms

  • 30% (at least) are Hispanic or African American

” I attended Trident Technical College and graduated in May of 2022. I currently work full-time at Beaufort Memorial Hospital on the Progressive Care Unit(PCU). I also work PRN at Doctor’s Care of Beaufort/Bluffton.”

Trenisha Bonds

Trenisha Bonds lives in St. Helena and began work as a ‘new’ RN at Beaufort Memorial in July. Her goal is to obtain a Nurse Practitioner License as well as complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. Trenisha wants to use her voice as well as her knowledge to advocate for her patients and their families. As a single mom of 3 – the SCNRI has eased some of the financial issues she faces. She is also proud to be the ‘youngest but first’ in her family to obtain a degree – and wants to be a role model and positive motivator for her kids and nephews.

Alexandria Coleman

Alexandria Coleman currently works at the Birthing Center at Beaufort Memorial as a postpartum nurse, and previously worked in the ER as well as the Medical/Surgical and Oncology departments. Lexie is still deciding on her nursing career path but hopes to graduate to the level of Nurse Practitioner. She is a strong patient advocate who is not afraid to speak out if she believes her patient is not receiving the correct care. Lexie has been in the Lowcountry for 5 years – and doesn’t intend to ever relocate. This scholarship will help her achieve a personal goal of buying a home and a professional goal of additional certification training.

“I graduated from Technical College of the Lowcountry. I work for Beaufort Jasper Hampton Comprehensive Health. My specialty is Adult Medicine.”

Sharonda Jenkins

Sharonda Jenkins, from Ridgeland, graduated from TCL in December. While she has worked at Beaufort-Jasper-Hampton Comprehensive Health Services since 2017 – she now does so as an RN. Sharonda believes strongly in providing health services to those who are socially and economically unable to pay for such services. Just one example of this was Sharonda’s work at Migrant Clinics during the summer – servicing a large population of Hispanic and Haitian Creole agricultural workers. The SCNRI will enable her to pay off her student loans earlier and ease the financial burden while pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree.

“I went to school at USCB. I’m working at Beaufort Memorial on the 3rd floor as a pediatric and adult medsurg nurse. “

Anna Kallmeyer 

Anna Kallmeyer currently works at Beaufort Memorial as a staff nurse and was a May graduate of USCB. Anna believes nursing goes beyond the hospital – and believes nurses should support and educate the community on health promotions as well as potential emergencies – including natural disasters. The SCNRI will help Anna pay off her student loans and help her fulfill her objective of buying a home.

“I graduated from USCB in 2021 with my BSN. Started working as a RN at Hilton Head hospital also in 2021, but worked there as a CNA full time since 2018 while in nursing school. I’m currently working PRN (perdium) at Hilton Head hospital on ACU and also work full time at Beaufort memorial hospital on 4T. “

Melanie Kelly

Melanie Kelly has worked at Hilton Head Hospital since 2017 and received her BSN from USCB last year. Melanie spent over 20 years in a successful retail career – including management of several stores right here in Tanger Outlets. But she decided to pursue a career in nursing and received her BSN from USCB last year. She wants to continue to strengthen her nursing skills and climb the ‘clinical’ ladder at Hilton Head Regional Hospital. Melanie was promoted to Charge Nurse in her first year and hopes to assist in preceptorship with student nurses as they complete their clinical. Melanie recently began working at Beaufort Memorial as well on the medical surgical floor, where she has been able to take her learned knowledge from Hilton Head hospital to care for a wider range of the community. While attending USCB Melanie learned she had ‘maxed out’ her federal student loans but – she managed to earn her degree as a single mother, working

Lauren Londono

Lauren Londono came to the Lowcountry in 2013 when she was stationed as a surgical technologist in the Naval Hospital in Beaufort. Last year she received her BSN from USBC and now practices as a perioperative nurse at Beaufort Memorial. After getting to develop a relationship with the wonderful community of Beaufort county and with Beaufort Memorial Hospital she became more interested in growing both on a personal and professional level. Lauren wants to pursue her masters in nursing education but for now is working on becoming a well rounded, seasoned OR nurse so that she will have more to offer to the next generation.

I live in Georgia, but I chose Beaufort as a new graduate nurse for the level of support from my coworkers and supervisors, my love for med-surg, and the great sense of community in Beaufort and the surrounding areas of the Lowcountry.
I am thrilled to be able to continue my education and obtain my BSN with the South Carolina Nurse Retention Scholarship. I hope to one day be a guide and a resource for new nurses, just as others have been to me. 

Kimberly Lunceford

Kimberly Lunceford graduated from TCL in December and is currently working as an RN at Beaufort Memorial Hospital. Kim’s goal is to gain proficiency on the medical surgical floor as well as the ability to teach new and future graduate nurses. Kim believes a nurse must respect and honor every patient’s beliefs in order to build trust in their caregiver as well as the healthcare system. She plans to use the scholarship to pay off her student debt and help pay for tuition as she now pursues her BSN.

NOTE: Kimberly lives in Port Wentworth, Ga and commutes daily to Beaufort Memorial.

Krystal Maldonado

Krystal Maldonado was born and raised in Beaufort Country and is a first-generation college graduate from USCB. She currently works for Hilton Head Dermatology as an RN. Krystal believes the role of a nurse provides a unique opportunity to contribute to health outcomes in Beaufort Country. As a single mother – Krystal noted that the SCNRI made a difference in both her personal and professional life by allowing her to focus on her future goals – which include plans to purchase a home and continue her education towards her masters in nursing.

Mary Montana

Mary Montana graduated in May from TCL and now works as an RN at Beaufort Memorial in the perioperative anesthesia care unit. Longer term – she hopes to obtain a managerial position as well as obtain her BSN degree. Mary believes her role as a nurse is to have understanding and compassion while delivering the safest and most knowledgeable care she can. Mary stated that the SCNRI would relieve some of her financial burden – and “may mean that one week she can take an extra day off to study for an exam or finish writing a paper without having to stress about the money.”

Glaychia Reber

Glaychia Reber graduated in May from TCL and is currently an RN in the Emergency Room at Beaufort Memorial. She is also enrolled in a BSN program. Glaychia wants to continue her work in the ER, learning and honing her client care skills. She describes herself as a ‘committed promoter of primary health promotion’ – with the belief that when people know better, they do better. The SCNRI will enable Glaychia to continue her educational and career dreams without delay.

Erika Thalacker

Erika Thalacker has lived in South Carolina her entire life – growing up in Lake Wylie, SC. She has relocated to the Lowcountry and graduated from USCB last year. Erika works for Beaufort Pediatrics as a pediatric nurse. She loves working with children and their families – and feels she is really connecting with the community. Erika hopes to continue her education and become a nursing educator down the road.

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